Kobe and Osaka


Unfortunately I slept in until about 14:00. When I woke up I got ready and left for Nankinmachi (Kobe’s Chinatown).


Late lunch

I took a few photos and grabbed some lunch.

2016-10-26 06-58-04 FUJI0056.jpg

I had a Kobe Beef steak hamburger which cost 1000 yen. I thought this was expensive but I really wanted to try Kobe Beef so it was worth it. It was delicious and I would definitely have it again. Also depending on where you are, it can cost a lot more.

2016-10-26 06-28-52 FUJI0011.jpg

Motomachi Station

2016-10-26 IMG_20161026_162309.jpg

After visiting Nankinmachi, I walked to Motomachi Station and took some more photos until about 16:30 before catching a train to Osaka.

2016-10-26 IMG_20161026_162532b.jpg

Osaka Station



When I got Osaka Station, I looked around the station area for a bit. I walked towards the Grand Front Shopping Centre. On the way I came across a French market. I would have walked passed and not noticed it if it wasn’t for the Jazz music they were playing.

Finding Umeda

2016-10-26 11-41-54 FUJI0092.jpg

Then I headed for Umeda. I used Google Maps which normally works well although I may have caught the wrong train as I ended up at Noda Station. I had a look around the area and bumped into someone from Liverpool who offered to show me how to get to Umeda. He showed me around Kitashinchi and a few places to get a reasonably priced drink. I had a few beers and got to use a bit of Japanese with the locals then headed back to Osaka Station.


When I returned to the station I headed for the Information Desk. Osaka Station is one of the biggest stations in Japan. I went up several escalators to reach the information desk where I picked up a network map and asked how to get to Namba. I was informed I could go to Tennoji and change trains there.

Back in Kobe

Just after 23:00, I caught a train back to Kobe and walked to the Air BnB. Before I went to bed, I took a couple of night skyline photos from the apartment balcony.





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Kobe and Osaka



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