I got up early and caught a train into Shinagawa.

Shinagawa Station

Shinjuku and Kabukichou

I got a coffee and spent some time watching people go by. I caught a train to Shinjuku which arrived at about 10:00. I spent a couple of hours there. I went to Kabukichou and took a few photos.

I had arranged to meet a HelloTalk friend again. On my way back I also took some photos near the station.

Shinagawa Station

I got to Shinagawa at about 12:00 and spent just over an hour there. I had a look around the station and the general area and too a few photos.


I met my friend inside the station at 13:15. We caught a train to Minatomirai Station.

Minatomirai Station

We got there just after 14:00 and walked to Grand Mall Park Round Square where we watched some of my friend’s favourite street performers. There were 3 sets of performers that day. We watched two of them. There was between 100-200 people in the audience. At the end of each performance the performers asked for a donation of 1000 Yen.

After the performances we took a walk through Yamashita Park to Yokohama Chinatown.


Chukagai (Yokohama’s Chinatown) is the largest Chinatown in Japan. We had a look around and had some street food.

My friend had to leave around 18:00. I looked around some more and that caught a subway train to Yokohama Station. From Yokohama I caught a train to Shinagawa where I bought a personalised IC card and make some preparation for my trip to the airport the next day. I used a ticket machine to print out some information about the Narita Express and then asked someone at the information counter which track the train leaves from.

I returned to Kita-Shinagawa and packed my suitcase ready for my flights home in the morning.



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