Shibuya & Halloween Photos

Morning Coffee

I woke up early and went to Shinagawa. I had some coffee and had a look around for a bit before going to Shibuya.


When I got there around 10:45 I took a few photos and went to Shibuya 109 and bought some clothes for my girlfriend. After that I took a few more photos and some video footage.

Harajuku Again

Just after 12:30 I caught a train to Harajuku and had another look around the wider area.

I took a few photos and then about 14:00 I returned to Shinagawa.

Exploring Shinagawa

I spent a few minutes in the station then went to Kita-Shinagawa to drop off my shopping at the Air BnB.

Just after 16:00 I went for a walk in a quiet street around the back of the train station which was had numerous local small shops and convenience stores. I walked down the street for about 30 minutes stopping to look in shops on the way.

I bought some bananas at a fruit stall and caught a train to Shinagawa from Shin-Bamba Station.

More Halloween Photos

From Shinagawa Station I caught a train to Shibuya to take more photos of people celebrating Halloween and to get some more video footage. I stayed in Shibuya until about 20:00 before returning to Shinagawa.

When I got back to Shinagawa, I stopped for a coffee in Anna Miller’s opposite the station then headed back to Kita-Shinagawa. Anna Miller’s is a chain of Restaurants in Japan (and Hawaii).



Manchester to Osaka

Arriving in Japan

Kobe and Osaka



Osaka to Tokyo


Shibuya & Halloween Photos


Whistle Stop Tour


Narita to Manchester

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