Before Harajuku

I got up around 10:00 and went to Shinagawa Station. I bought a couple of snacks and took some quick video footage of the station.


I caught a train to Harajuku Station to meet one of my HelloTalk friends. We arranged to meet at 11:30 inside the ticket gate at the Omotesando Exit. I arrived early and eat one of the snacks that I bought earlier.

I met my friend and we went to Omotesando.


The area was a mixture of new and old buildings and is known for being a shopping destination.

Omotesando Hills

My friend told me that one of the old buildings we went into used to be apartments a long time ago.

Then we went in a souvenir shop and I tried to get some money from a cash machine. It didn’t work with my MasterCard which may have been because it was Sunday.

While we were there, there was a Halloween Cosplay Parade in the main street. People lined the streets to see it. I took a photo and some video footage.

Omotesando Hills

One of the shops had a robot called Pepper. Pepper is a Japanese robot which is designed to have realistic conversations with people. It was being used to describe make-up products.

Then we headed for Takeshita Street through some back streets.


On the way we stopped in a cafe and had something to eat. While walking I noticed a few people were getting photos of their fashion and cosplay outfits away from the crowds.

Our destination was Takeshita Street which was packed full of mostly young people and teenagers. This area is has been somewhat of a Mecca for young people who love fashion since the 1970s. It is teaming with fashion and accessory shops.

I had a coffee and managed to find a cash machine that worked with my MasterCard.

We then left to catch the train to Shinjuku where I had arranged to meet another HelloTalk friend at 18:30.


We got there about 16:30 and my friend and I looked around some shops until she had to leave at about 17:30. I continued to look around the area until I met my other friend.

I met my other friend and we went to Kirin City for some food and a few beers. After Kirin City we went to a traditional coffee house before I returned to the train station in order to get back to the Kita-Shinagawa.




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