Whistle Stop Tour

Shinagawa to Asakusa

I set off just after 09:00 heading for Asakusa. I caught a train from Kita-Shinagawa to Shinagawa and then caught a train to Tamachi Station.

Then I had to leave the station and walk to Mita Station where I caught a subway train to Asakusa Station. I got there just after 10:00 and spent almost 2 hours looking around the area and visiting Sensoji Temple.

Ameya Yokochou

My next stop was Ameya Yokochou. I returned to the station and caught a train to Ueno. I spent about 20 minutes at Ameya Yokochou market and then made a quick trip to Ueno Park before returning to Ueno Station to catch a train to Akihabara.



I got to Akihabara about 13:30. I spent about 30 minutes walking around and taking photos before catching a train to Ikebukuro.


I got to Ikebukuro just after 14:00. I looked around for a bit before making my way to Sunshine City in order to visit the Pokémon Center.

While I was in Sunshine City, the fire department were showing a video advising children what to do if the there is an earthquake. The audience was made up of children and their parents. They also had a brass band and Kyuta, the fire department’s mascot, made an appearance.

I spent about an hour in the centre and then returned to the station.


I returned to Shinjuku and caught a train to Nakano. I arrived just before 17:00. Nakano Broadway is a popular destination for geeks and otaku but I wanted to visit the many izakaya at the back of the shopping centre. I got some food and explored the area for about 40 minutes.

I returned to the station about 18:00 and caught a train back to Shinjuku.


On my way back to Shinagawa I stopped off at Shibuya and took a few photos. While I was there a fire department vehicle arrived to assist an old man who couldn’t seem to stand properly. A security guard and the police had been looking after him before this.

No Pie

After about an hour I caught a train to Shinagawa. I had a coffee at Anna Miller’s. I wanted some pie but they were out of the one I fancied on the menu. I finished my coffee and caught a train back to Kita-Shinagawa.



Manchester to Osaka

Arriving in Japan

Kobe and Osaka



Osaka to Tokyo


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Whistle Stop Tour


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