I woke up before 09:00 and got ready to leave. I made a quick trip to Harborland to buy a bigger suitcase. I dropped the case off at the Air BnB and headed to Motomachi Station where I caught a train to Kyoto.

Kyoto Station

I arrived in Kyoto just after 11:00. Just as I was getting off the train a heard an alarm and then I saw some station staff running towards the train. In less than a minute there was about 10 staff members some with emergency medical equipment. It turns out that a young girl had fainted and somebody had raised the alarm. The staff held up the train until they knew the girl was okay and could move her to the platform. After a few minutes the girl seemed better and the train was allowed to leave.

I left to explore the station for a bit and then walked through the city and took a few photos.


Kyoto is huge. Just before 14:00 I caught a subway train, from where I had ended up, to Gion-Shijo Station.

I got some food and bought an umbrella. I headed to the Geisha district and took a few photos of the area between gaps in the rain.

Sheltering from the rain

The rain got a lot worse so I decided to have a break and got something to eat in a cafe on the main street.


More photos

Then I explored the area a bit more and took more photos.

Returning to Kyoto Station

I headed back to the Gion-Shijo Station to catch a train to Kyoto Station. I had to change trains and couldn’t find the right platform so I asked a station employee for directions. I found the platform and caught a train to my next stop.  Unfortunately I caught the wrong train. I asked an elder lady on the train if the train stopped at Kyoto Station. She said no and turned away from me. I asked young couple opposite for help but I couldn’t understand their Japanese and they couldn’t speak English. They tried their best to help me using Google translate so I thanked them and explained I would get off at the next stop and ask for help there. I got off at the next station and caught a train to Kyoto. I checked with someone on the train that it was going to Kyoto Station and they confirmed it was.

I arrived in Kyoto Station at about 17:00 and took some quick video footage and then caught a train back to Kobe. On the way, I stopped off at Osaka Station and took some more video footage.


In Kobe, I decided to get off in Sannomiya as I wanted to see the area at night. It was a lot busier than Motomachi and most of the people there were a bit younger than the people I saw in Motomachi. Close to the station there was a bustling atmosphere and there were numerous Izakaya.

I got something to eat and then caught a train to Motomachi.

When I got back to the Air BnB, I tidied up and packed most of my things ready for my flight the next day.



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Arriving in Japan

Kobe and Osaka



Osaka to Tokyo


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