I set off about 09:00 to head for Tachikawa. I stopped off at Osaki Station to take a look around. I needed to go to Shinjuku and change trains there. On the way I was confused about which train to catch and I wasn’t sure if I had caught the right train, so I asked a nun who was stood on the platform for help. I arrived just before 11:00.



At 17:30 I met a friend from the UK who I used to work with. We went to an Izakaya that he knew until about 21:00.

While we were walking to our next location, my friend noticed that a policeman was carrying out a security check with a Japan man. Apparently this happens from time to time. This reminded me about something I had seen in the news advising that there was a raised security level at that time.

We went to another Izakaya for a bit and I returned to the station just before 23:00.


I caught a train back to Shinjuku where I changed trains to get to Shinagawa and then changed again to get to Kita-Shinagawa.



Manchester to Osaka

Arriving in Japan

Kobe and Osaka



Osaka to Tokyo


Shibuya & Halloween Photos


Whistle Stop Tour


Narita to Manchester